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 insurance work for Asbestos Removal in Manchester



We regularly with insurance companies and provide cost effective solutions that will ensure both parties are happy with the outcome. We offer a range of services including asbestos removal, disposal and repair. For further information about our insurance work and asbestos removal in Manchester, Cheshire or the UK, contact us today at Saddleworth Environmental Services.

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Asbestos is often found in roofs, so if you need to repair, modify or upgrade your roof you will require specialist services. If there is a lot of asbestos then remedial work may be extensive and you may need to remove significant sections of your roof before any reinstatement.

In any case, our specialists will draw upon their experience to restore your roof with minimal disruption. Each roof is professionally installed and there are a range of options available so you can pick one which matches perfectly with the style and colour of your property.

Your roof is integral to your building, and we’ll work quickly and effectively to get your business or home back in working order. Find out more about asbestos roof removal in Manchester, Leeds or UK by contacting us at Saddleworth Environmental Services.

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 Roof Asbestos Removal and reinstatement in Manchester



 Building maintenance in Manchester



Should there be any ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials) in your property, then the easiest course of action is to leave it, if it is safe. Making sure it is secure means proper maintenance, and we can provide this on an ongoing basis.

If any lagging, insulating boards or roofing felt requires any upkeep, we can provide cost effective solutions that will reduce health risks and protect you and your property. We’ll work with you, and can create an effective maintenance plan to ensure the safety of your building in the long term.

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When ACM is destroyed and demolished, this releases millions of tiny fibres into the air which can be extremely dangerous. As such, it is important that all demolitions and soft strip outs are carried out in a strict, controlled environment.

At Saddleworth Environmental Services, we can work on all types of premises including domestic, industrial and commercial sites. We can dismantle, disassemble and light demolish all structures including stairs, brickwork and walls. In addition, we also offer comprehensive soft strip out services, so your building is ready for the next stage of building work.

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 Light Demolition in Manchester



 Fly tipping Asbestos Removal in Manchester



Fly tipping is extremely annoying and expensive but can also be dangerous if any dumped materials contain asbestos. If you suspect there is any asbestos in any of the discarded rubbish then you need to call upon professionals to quickly take control of the situation. We will restrict access and work quickly to haul all materials away from your premises. We will then dispose of all materials at the right channels, leaving your property in completely clean condition.



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